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Career Hunter, builds up a strong trust relationship between the company and the employee by creating long-term values for the dozens of companies and employees it serves. To reveal the efficient and skilled workforce, it mediates the companies to incorporate the best talents, interact with them simultaneously and produce quality work together. Our brand acts not as a company service, but as a human resources department within the companies. Our brand fulfills its legal responsibilities towards the company and employees completely. It always keeps in contact with the company and produces fast and practical solutions for company demands. Career Hunter, aims to provide effective and objective solutions for companies with exciting brands, aiming to create permanent values. At the same time, it aims to provide quality and well-equipped service for its customers with the efforts made to increase employment. It pays attention to the best performance of the service provided by working with expert personnel in every subject that customers need and it aims to increase the productive workforce by providing companies with the right skills to do their jobs in the best way. At this point, Career Hunter ensures that employers and potential candidates get to know each other better during the evaluation phase after the applications come out well. This opportunity offered by Career Hunter helps both the potential candidate and the company to see more clearly whether the two parties can meet each other's wishes and needs and so an efficient recruitment process can be realized. Besides all these advantages, Career Hunter publishes job postings that reflect the culture and principles of the companies, allowing candidates to get detailed information about the company. At the same time, it develops wide-ranging techniques for the needs of companies during the evaluation of employees' work experience and skills. With these developed techniques, it is aimed to identify suitable candidates who meet the criteria for the job. At this point, as Career Hunter, we can assure you that candidates are thoroughly evaluated with their previous job experience, training, skills, and whether they fit the company and the relevant position. Career Hunter also aims to grow and progress exist within the structure of its companies. So, Career Hunter ensures that the qualified personnel needed to achieve this goal are met. With the different types of services offered by Career Hunter, the human resources department with 2 to 5 employees within the structure of different companies ensures that the company costs are reduced and performance increases. Thus, by providing pre-evaluation support for companies during the recruitment process, the risk for both candidates and employers is minimized.


Find The Role Of Your Life

We bring together companies looking for personnel for you. You can now view the current job list that will interest you with a click. You can easily find the job that suitable for you among the postings. By applying for the job posting you choose, you can send us your CV and start waiting for an e-mail from us. We convey the response to you from the company as soon as possible and ensure that you have a job.


Give The Job To A Competent

Stop posting jobs on career websites! You can now more easily find the most suitable personnel for your criteria. You can inform us of the criteria you are looking for for the open position in your company and request us to find the most suitable personnel for you. Let us know the criteria you are looking for in the candidates who apply for your job posting, and we will determine on your behalf whether the applicants are suitable for that position and we will direct the candidates who match the criteria you are looking for to your company. Thus, you can get rid of the trouble of examining dozens of job-seekers CVs and find the right candidate for your company.

How It's Possible

Job Application Process

We offer you the opportunity to experience a real Career Hunter experience at the end of the job application process consisting of 3 stages in the Career Hunter system.


Apply Easily

Career Hunter has jobs for everyone! Choose the job that best fit for you and apply for the job posting immediately. Take the first step to a new life!


Could we meet?

Would you like to be a part of our system that brings job seekers and employers together? Fill in the form by introducing yourself with correct and clear expressions and let's meet!


Wait for the e-mail

We need some time to check your suitability for the job you have applied for and refer you to the employer. Wait for e-mails from us!

Would You Like To Review Our Job Postings?

Job Postings

Job Postings

Career Hunter attaches importance to bringing together the productivity of people in today's world at a level that will support the productivity of companies. In momentary conditions, the competencies of people increase, and their ability to do business diversify at a level that prevents their abilities. Hence, every person embraces his work depending on his nature and feelings and adds value to it. Despite that, companies also make an effort to bring the right people together with the right jobs so that the productivity of their employees contributes to their jobs and therefore to the company's earnings. Career Hunter offers reliable, honest, and long-lasting support to meet the employment needs of the companies that value their jobs. It helps you find the purpose you need, meet your expectations, and have a work-life that matches your skills.

In your career development, which is a very important issue in determining your role in life, you need to take part in common value sharing with the working environment you will be in. You can find the right employment options with our Career Hunter team, which works to make this sharing the most accurate and effective way for you.

Career Hunter evaluates the needs and desires of the employees in the best way and directs them to a peaceful and reliable working life. The structure of companies become very durable, thanks to the people who work with a high level of efficiency in a working area they love and are good at. We can provide a practical and permanent solution for you with our team that helps you achieve this harmony and participate in an effective working environment.


  • Human Resources Solution Partner

  • Selection and Placement

  • Field Operation Services

  • Team Building Service

  • Payroll Services

  • Training Service

Career Hunter is your new solution partner and offers qualified and result-oriented services in the field of human resources. It acts like your company's HR department. It always stands by you as your solution partner in the development and maintenance of your HR strategy. We are here to reduce your fixed costs, gain a competitive advantage and use your resources in the most efficient way! Career Hunter is ready to solve all HR problems of your company with its experts!

Career Hunter selects strong talents, follows all necessary steps in terms of placement and performance evaluation, and incorporates the best ones into the company. It measures the abilities of the personnel you seek with objective and clear criteria. It directs in-house dynamics and strengthens high performance and innovation. It enables the institution to reach its goals by creating an efficient workforce.

It plans the field organization order and coordination of the personnel working in your company throughout the country.

Get one step ahead in teaming up with Career Hunter! We are ready to take the responsibility of being your closest supporter for team building, including emergencies! Thanks to our extensive field operation, we fully perform the services of establishing an emergency team for exceptional situations in all workplaces with high workforce volumes such as industry, production, and logistics.

Let Career Hunter complete all the official work tasks required by the HR department for you! We accept responsibilities such as payroll, annual leave records, SGK declarations, employee personnel files

Career Hunter evaluates training options by determining the weaknesses and strengths of company employees in line with the determined goals and make organizations by the principle of employee productivity. It provides training support for the development and enhancement performance of your employees. Plans and organizes training. It evaluates the talents internally and helps them to show higher performance


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